Selasa, 12 Februari 2013

Friend is my half soul


It's been quite a long time for me to share with you about my life... penting? pentiiiiiing bangettt :)

well after a rush tuff year in 2012, now in feb 2013 i have a chance to be a Secretary (again!) here in one of media company :)

alhamdulilah wa syukurila... mengingat begitu byk perjuangan yg harus dilalui hehehehe but its worth to faith for!!

on the other hand... due to my sissy busyness (a lot) we are merely have a time to hang out or just for chit chat duduk duduk manis di cafe :( that is why i miss our time so much...!

but, we still BBM or send tweet to each other. 

we both wearing scarf by Darellia 

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