Minggu, 18 November 2012

i love my son so much!


i have mention earlier that i have 1 adorable son, he is now 2 years old and he love to talks so much, he also love to copy what his bunda talk (kinda cute ya!) but i have to be careful with my "talk" and what I do in front of him. Since my son is a master of copy anything that i say, i do even i work with



on my previous blog, i'm written re my on-line shopping, well below are some of my collections

so ladies please follow us on @darelliaontweet for more updated collections

Thank you :)

Brand new hectic life :)


well on this short time i want to share a bit of my life which i love and thankful most :)

I am a Super Bunda of adorable son named Darell Adhibrata (2 yo), a happy wife and running my online shopping named Darellia (hopefully soon I could open my own fashion line, amiin)