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Jumat, 28 Juni 2013


it's been a while since my last post, many things has happen during that time... i'm sorry not keep update in this blog dear :( 

well,  as you know all that I really adore fashion and my passion is always fashion... for me what you wear is represent who you really are.. and it is so important to me. "dress like you will meet your worst enemies" this quote so fit in me... it is a big matter to wear a proper clothes in my daily activities... tiap harinya mau pake baju apa pasti dipikirin dgn sangat2 serius bgt.. eh beneran, aku bs diem didepan lemari hanya untuk liat dan mutusin pake baju apa untuk besok.. it's sounds freak, but it happen.... 

well dear, i wanna show you some of my Polyvore sets that i've made lately :) 

Sophisticated Saturday

why denim?

Fresh Mint

Independent woman in attitude

Dress my Bestie


dress to success

Elegant of Chic

Beach time!!

So dear?? what do you think?? any of my set inspired you?? hopefully it will....

its time for me to go.. i promise will keep updated my blog, just to say hello or drop my passion of fashion pic :)

enjoy your weekend dear!!


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