Weekend is always a QUALITY FAMILY TIME

Senin, 25 Februari 2013

assalammualaikum :)

last weekend was so marvelously happy... since that is the only time three of us could spent our time together; especially me and my son :)

on saturday, me and my son were attend my friend wedding in Taman Mini Indonesia Indah. we go there nebeng my friend named mba rita (since our car is still repairing at Bengkel, jadi nebeng deh sama mba rita hehehehhe) ... lucky us mba rita willing to give us a ride to go there.

here is some of our pic :

with mba rita and her daughter

darell and arumi (malu-malu kucing mereka di foto hehhehe)

darell pose :)

bunda and darell

bunda and darell again! :)

as we finished from there, we've heard a good news from papih that our car is ready..yeyyyyyy.. so papih pick us and have late lunch at McD (darell is love to eat chicken)

papih and darell toasr for their drink

so, who is most handsome, darell or papih ?? hehhehehehe

On sunday, bunda have a surprise from papih (FYI on 13th feb is bunda's bday)... he gave me a cake ... yeyyyyy finally he remember my birthday :)

and then we are going to mall for celebrate it.. :)

three of us took a pic in front of mirror... look how we are looks more tall than usual hehheheeh

bunda wearing this cute animal printed scarf

we are love take a pic together .. narsiiiiss hehehhehe

bunda wearing bat wing tops, polka pants and darell always ikut2an  bunda  :)

alhamdulilah,... im so blessed having them in my life..

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