Senin, 04 Maret 2013


Last saturday i spent with my beloved sissy... we went to Pasar Baru and Mayestik for buying some fabric for Darellia newest collection and go to Thamrin City; she was looking for scarf and hijab apparel for her friend who is mualaf and just starting wearing hijab, subhanallah alhamdulilah.

so here is some of the latest collection of Darellia - i called it PoP-Art-VintaGe :

55K - Fabric: Chiffon , this one already sold :)





this is what i wore on Saturday 

Maxi Skirt : Darellia
Outer Long Cardi : Marsmellow
Scarf: Darellia

then, our meet will never complete without..... narsisaan berduaaa hehehehehe

do we look similar?? like a twin sis?? hhmmmm 

our silly pose yet still gorgeous hehehheheeheh
 Photographer & Editor by Andina 

on Sunday morning, i spent all day at my cozy lazy hommy house. bebenah rumah, playing with my boy Darell and just do a routine quality time with my lil family.

here is some pic when Darell swimming on yesterday afternoon.

habis berenang, Darell kecapean terus bobo :)

okay dear, thats all for today.

always happy and thankful to Allah SWT

bunda love darell

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