I'm gonna miss Ramadhan so much

Selasa, 06 Agustus 2013

Assalammualaikum dear..

sorry for not keep update with my blog.... it's already day 28 of Ramadhan, I just can't believe it's so fast this Ramadhan..

So many things happen on Ramadhan month this year, and i feel so blessed indeed....

First things happen is i've got 4 opportunities of Job Interview (subhanallah) and Alhamdulillah i got hired on one of that opportunity.... and it is a big well known company here in Indonesia also in South East Asia...
I will be start, hopefully by mid of August or end of August,

I truly hope, in this company i could get along with the team, the boss, the environment and of course the job :) Insha Allah amin

Second things is, i got loose my weight for about 3 kilos in first week of Ramadhan... yeyyy!!! but the sad things is my blood pressure is so low 85/60 :(
i have to keep maintaining my blood pressure to normal and also have to reducing my weight into 52 kilos (amiin) in healthy way of course...
for sure, i have to get exercise now... join in one of gym member? yes definitely ... :)

third things happen is on this obstacle that Allah shower me and my family, i could still make my mom n dad happy and proud, i also can still buy a new clothes for my son - darell and share the happiness with the people that i love most + i care most :)

Subhanallah.. how Allah truly will reward you what you deserve... if you do good to others then Allah will reward it on all the good things in your life..

that is why, i made this quote for my self " Work Hard, Pray Hard and Thankful Hard cause Miracle happen when you believe" :)

Oh dear Ramadhan, i will miss you so much... i will miss fasting, shalat, pray, tilawah and do all good things in this month where Allah will grant us with million of pahala ... i will miss the euphoria in my family when doing Ramadhan, i will miss risol, lontong, bihun, all the big sale in mall, Tarawih, Pasar malam, bazaar, and when we all gather in living room waiting for adzan magrib :) .... so many things i will definitely miss in Ramadhan...

i hope next year i could still able to meet you dear Ramadhan :') Insha Allah, amin

okay dear, thank you for read my blog  ... hopefully you guys have a wonderful Lebaran with your family and a very superb quality time with your beloved one :)

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