It's been awhile... so many things happen

Senin, 08 April 2013

Assalammualaikum ...

It's quite too long, i'm not writing on my's just am too lazy :(

so many things has happen on this several weeks... and really makes my life just like roller coaster, going up and down, rush and slow, full of surprise .. well that's life dear.. good or bad we just need to face it with smile and hold on to Allah SWT as always..

first.. i will tell you about my son - Darell... he is now so smart and learn anything so fast!! just like a sponge absorb water... he so quick to copied anything such as how an adult talk, how his bunda talk and even he is able to do something that makes me shock... oh my Darell please not to fast growing .. just always be bunda sumo boy ya nak :)

2nd is my Darellia also still running... and as you know, Darellia now include on Terrant Hijabist blog... and too bad i can not join on the Creative Fashion Week in Yogya last weekend due to my sickness.. well will tell you later re my sickness... but i believe there will always another change for Darellia to be well known in hijabist jakarta :) amiin.....

3rd is .... hmm... i have some really serious issues in my life.. i can't tell you all in detail but all I need is you to always support me in no matter what happen in my life and always love me for the way I am :(
i believe i could make it through... amiin

4th .... office?? well what I can say.. there will always be annoying people in every office right?? that's just a typical if you know what I mean.. but last friday i have this nice offer from oil and gas office as a Secretary BOD too but with better benefit and remuneration package. Honestly, i do interesting with that offer.. just pray for me yaa.. hopefully it will be mine.. aminn

Bunda always love darell

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