Rabu, 24 Juli 2013


how is your Ramadhan dear?? alhamdulillah its already 15 days of Ramadhan..., can't wait for "malam seribu bulan" . so far i only missed 4 days of Ramadhan due to the PMS :) ,hopefully i still able to continue the fasting and other ibadah in this holy month Ramadhan, amin

lately, my blood pressure is so low.. it's even reach 85/60 :( yes really sad to hear how low my blood pressure is.. but alhamdulillah, Allah still gave me a strength to have fasting and doing all Ibadah... 

well, i believe in miracle comes thru the work hard, pray hard and thankful hard .... as long as we have a faith in Allah, none of things is impossible right??

dear, keep istiqomah in your deeds, shalat and do all things that Allah like... you just need to follow what Allah wants and your life will simply marvelous with all of Allah blessing...

can't wait for the Malam Lailatul Qadar :) im so exciting on it

always spread the good things in you,
bunda aie

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