Rabu, 17 Juli 2013

Patient is Smile


finally, i have time to update this blog or just share my thought :)

well, how is your fasting dear? hopefully all is going smoothly.. amin ya rabbal alamin
recently, i have been thinking about life, how wonderful the life that Allah create, especially my life..
this past 3 month, i can say it was the tougher month ever... alhamdulillah Allah keep showering me with trial and obstacle, its simply shown that Allah trust me that i can pass it and i capable enough to thru it :)

Instead of make my self pity of what happen, i'd rather face it, be thankful of it and keep istiqomah in Allah's way :) just like Maher Zein song "Insya Allah, will find a way"

Okay dear, thanks for your time to listen my thoughts...

keep spread your love and gratitude in life

bunda aie

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